Christy J. Johnson
I was skeptically at first, I would recommend you to my closest friends.

Ken Burns with Transformations Counseling group was simply outstanding. His ability to help me understand my feelings behind the emotion has helped me in every aspect of my life. Not just my personal relationships. My time with Ken has allowed me to produce healthier relationships and to understand why I feel the way that I do. Personal reflection and the understanding of what I need, and the ability to express those feelings have been extremely beneficial in every aspect of my life, and Ken helped me achieve that. I could not be more grateful for my time, and could not recommend Ken more for those seeking to understand and grow.

Ray T. Miller
BEST therapist I have seen

I have been to 3 therapists in my life. That is not to say that I haven’t tried a handful more who were inadequate in some way. Harriette is my third, and to date, the BEST therapist I have seen. For one, she gives feedback and homework and doesn’t ask, “well what do you think.” Seriously, if I knew anything I would not be in therapy. She brings out feelings in me that I didn’t even know I had and always makes me feel like I am talking to a super-smart friend and not someone who is judging me. I have been to other therapist who have made me feel like an idiot or made me feel like they could care less about me, but it is the opposite with Harriette. She is truly, truly amazing and I would recommend her to anyone looking to turn their lives around.

Jaimin Patel

​We were very reluctant and skeptical… Hi Harriette, F and I would like to take this time to thank you again for your advice and genuine assistance with one of the most important steps in life. To be honest, at first we were very reluctant and skeptical in meeting a counselor. After meeting with you, our views had changed. You have brought knowledge and insight to one of the many big steps in life that we will take. You made us feel very comfortable with you and you were very welcoming. We shared our lovely experience with you on healthgrade, giving you five stars! We appreciate the referrals for attorneys. We will be scheduling some time to meet with them. We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done! We look forward to keeping you informed with our journey! Thank you again.. And may you shine always!!

Roman Pitter
They helped me change my life for the better

Tremendous support system in my life “I have been seeing Harriette for many years and have experienced amazing growth as an individual and in how I view the world and those around me. She has helped me deal with various issues involving myself and my family with great outcomes. She has been a tremendous support system in my life. Highly recommended!” ​”I first met Harriet 13 years ago when she helped me through the breakup of my marriage…it was a tremendously difficult time for me, and with her help, I was able to get through it and grow stronger. Fast forward 12 years, and we met again after my husband and I experienced a devastating miscarriage. She helped us heal and get through the next nerve-wracking pregnancy that resulted in the birth of our beautiful daughter. I definitely recommend putting your trust in Harriette to get through difficult times.”

Jake Oliver

I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I’ve spent 2 decades in and out of therapy. Nothing seemed to help until I found EMDR. I finally feel “healed”. Don’t get me wrong, I still have flashbacks and triggers but through EMDR I’ve learned great techniques to deal with them. Thank you to my wonderful EMDR therapist to get me to this point of living and not just surviving.

Michael Ethan

Regina helped me tremendously to work through certain issues, Regina helped me tremendously to work through certain issues, develop skills and techniques, and get through a rough patch. Extremely friendly and helpful I’m glad I made the choice to seek her assistance Developed skills and techniques, and get through a rough patch. Extremely friendly and helpful I’m glad I made the choice to seek her assistance.”

Antonymous For Confidentiality From a clients mom
I feel so strongly about how wonderful your practice is

“ I feel so strongly about how wonderful your practice is. First, My daughter loves her therapist and feels so connected. Her therapist even increased their sessions to 2x a week. Secondly, I love how organized and receptive you are as a practice. Lastly and certainly not least, Lisa is the sweetest, nicest office manager. Thank you so much! “

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