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This is a very difficult time for everyone. Especially those with preexisting anxiety or trauma. Even those without a history of anxiety, depression or trauma can start experience the effects of the current health crisis because of all the unknowns. How long will this last? When will my life get back to normal? Will we ever get back to normal? Will I have a job? How will I pay my bills? And on and on and on. Being at home with family can be difficult for those who have an unhealthy relationship with their spouse or kids. Lots of together time with no break.

With that being said, therapy is crucial as ever. If you don’t have a therapist you should consider one. If you have a therapist it is important to continue the continuity of your work. That you give yourselves the “gift” of a time out to talk to someone that is empathetic, objective and caring. Getting or keeping your therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance. Getting support and seeing you on a screen is the next best thing to being there.

Social isolation is also a risk factor for mental health and physical well-being
(Brody, J, “The Surprising Effects of Loneliness on Health,” New York Times, Dec. 11, 2017).


  • Your first video sessions might feel awkward but after a few minutes, your will become familiar and comfortable with your therapist in this new setting. Even better if you can find a safe place to sit and talk, outside or in their car or in the bedroom, you will feel the connection. You can go deep, you can continue to discuss topics that are important and you can discuss ways to cope.
  • You might feel a little resistant at first because this is new and you may be used to seeing your therapist in person. This is a small form of change and yes, it might feel uncomfortable at first. In part because it’s an unknown.
  • After having a successfully have a session some are saying that it was as good and productive as a face to face session. Mostly the contact they needed was there.
  • Once they complete a teletherpay session, you can feel that you’ve pushed yourselves out of your comfort zone and it worked out just fine. It can be strength building.

The bottom line is that you can continue your work and continue to get help despite the world around them that is going crazy!!

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