Specializing in Marriage and Family Therapist

Racheal Gibney MFT

Specializing in Marriage and Family Therapist

Racheal is an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist dedicated to helping couples and individuals on their relationship and personal journeys. She specializes in working with couples and utilizes the Gottman Method for couples therapy with the intent to increase closeness, set and achieve goals, productively addressing conflict, and building shared meaning and intimacy within the relationship. Racheal also employs “non-violent communication”, an approach which emphasizes deep listening to develop intimacy and clear communication. Rachael has both a B.A. in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from Central Connecticut State University. She also has experience in Reiki, Herbal Folk Medicine, and Wholeness Energetics.

Professional Experience

Outpatient Marital and Family Therapist/Group Leader
Clinical and Support Options
2017 to 2019
– Educate staff on mindfulness skills and practice.
– Assist interns in developing group curriculum.
– Guide mentors in developing appropriate goals, objectives, and interventions.
– Lead groups in Self Compassion and Art Therapy.
– Present and provide feedback in weekly case consultation meetings.
– Conduct assessments and evaluations, make a diagnosis and provide treatment for individuals, couples, and families.
Outpatient Marital and Family Therapist
Center for Human Development
2014 to 2015
– Provide therapy to individuals, couples, families, and groups.
– Conduct evaluations and assessments, collaborate with clients to identify goals and objectives, carry out interventions, and write treatment plans.
– Communicate and coordinate with clients’ larger networks as needed.
– Present and give feedback on client cases as a member of an Interdisciplinary Treatment Team.
Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist
Institute of Professional Practice
2011 to 2014
– Provide therapy to children with emotional/behavioral struggles or Autism Spectrum diagnosis.
– Work collaboratively to develop behavioral treatment plans and guide school staff through implementing treatment plans in the classroom.
– Run curriculum-based and therapeutic social skills groups in the classroom.
– Train new therapists and school staff in Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy and Discrete Trial Instruction

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Professional Education

M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy

Central Connecticut State University – New Britain, CT

B.A. in Psychology

Central Connecticut State University – New Britain, CT

Service to the Community (Volunteer)
1. Sirius Community 2014-Present
• Coordinate Sirius EcoVillage Educational Immersion Program.
• Utilize diverse therapeutic modalities to lead group sessions.
• Plan & host events, greet visitors, conduct orientations, lead tours & meditations, teach
sustainable living practices.
• Facilitate and participate in group discussions and consensus process.
• Co-Facilitate Strategic Planning Process.
• Work in the gardens, kitchen & woodshop, teach diverse workshops and perform various other
community tasks.
1. Promote Awareness of and Access to Mindfulness Practices – 2012 to 2014
• Meditation Leader for Central Connecticut State University’s Forum for Contemplative Practices
• ConnCAP Lecturer: Mindfulness Leading to Conscientiousness of Thought, Speech and Action
• Taught techniques in mindfulness to ConnCAP students.
• Used experiential activities to help students explore personal values.
• Lead discussion on integrating mindfulness practices into the student’s own lives at the individual, family, community, and global levels.


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Assessment consists of a Clinical face-to-face, in-person interview and collateral interviews with significant others. A psychosocial history is obtained to include presenting problem, including a discussion of pertinent and detailed information describing contributing factors, incidents and issues that precipitated assessment.

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TCG Child & Family Institute counseling therapy was started because often times, entire families need support while trying to communicate, learn, and create boundaries.

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