Pamela Kravitz

Marriage & Family Therapist – Couples / Individuals / Teen & Adolescents / Child & Family

“Have you ever felt like nobody was there?

Have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere?

Have you ever felt like you could disappear?

Like you could fall, and no one would hear?”

Dear Evan Hansen You’d be surprised how many others have felt this way, including myself. I understand the decision to seek help can be difficult. The lyrics from Dear Evan Hansen, remind me how important it is to have someone in your corner; someone to validate your feelings. It has always been my goal to provide this to anyone who needs someone to truly hear them.

Growing up, I always knew I was fit for helping others, which is why I decided to study family dynamics in college. I started to notice how many people around me experienced loss, divorce, or trauma in their lives. I kept wondering how I could make an impact, how I could help people experiencing this turmoil. I decided I would set my sights on becoming a family therapist, with the goal of providing support and bringing change to those in need. Now as a licensed marriage and family therapist my goal is to build a trusting, open relationship with clients that encourages them to be honest about their thoughts, feelings, and goals. I believe each person has the potential to make positive changes that will lead to more fulfilling relationships and contentment in their lives.

I believe every situation is unique. I have experience working in multiple environments including in-home family services, school settings, providing support to children and families in the foster care system, and working with LGBTQ+ community members. These experiences have provided me with knowledge, insight, and cultural competency, which I draw upon to build my practice. The lyrics from above continue on to say: “There’s a place where we don’t have to feel unknown, And every time that you call out, You’re a little less alone…You will be found.” My approach is compassionate, direct, and non-judgmental, which helps create an environment where you feel supported in your counseling journey. I currently focus my practice on helping individuals and couples overcome anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, relationship struggles, family changes, and LGBTQ+ issues.

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