Kyle Viola

Remember the last time you have had your heartbroken, whether it was a relationship or even feeling not good enough? I had my heart broken at 17 years old and although it hurt deeply, it propelled me into looking further into psychology asking the question, why do humans do the things they do? I initially took an advanced placement psychology class in high school, while simultaneously researching and listening to motivational speakers. This sparked my curiosity in personal development. One concept I learned that stuck with me up to this day is your “mentality creates reality.”

I majored in applied psychology in college and continued on to receive my Master’s in Mental Health and Wellness Counseling from NYU. During my academic studies and my pursuit of self-discovery in searching for the meaning of the human experience, I was led to specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I assist clients to discover, understand, and implement change in their thinking, emotions, and behaviors. 

In addition, my journey led me to sub-specialize in Christian Counseling for those seeking a therapist who has a solid foundation in their relationship with God. My experiences have led me to a deeper understanding of how we can implement our faith into our everyday life. 

I take my time to understand my clients’ and together we figure out ways to help them achieve their goals and improve the quality of their lives. I consider myself patient and kind and want my clients to feel they have a safe place to express themselves each week where we can work on life goals, centering on them; without the critical outside world stepping in. 

In my personal walk, I have integrated knowledge, understanding, and application of psychotherapy practices with a faith-based perspective to manage everyday anxiety, depression, stress, and improve relationships. I want to encourage you in facing your challenges and to meet you on your journey so that you can achieve healing, freedom, hope, and love.

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