Harriette Ferguson LCSW-R

Therapist - LCSW-R - Infertility Expert / Individual / Couples / Author / Presenter

Harriette Ferguson LCSW-R

Therapist - LCSW-R - Infertility Expert / Individual / Couples / Author / Presenter

Harriette Rovner Ferguson, LCSW has been specializing in providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples experiencing infertility for the past twenty years. She is a mental health consultant to infertility clinics on Long Island, New York City and Pennsylvania. She conducts interviews and evaluations for infertility patients entering an IVF cycle or those contemplating using a third-party to create their families. She is the co author of "Experiencing Infertility" (WWNorton,2000) and has written extensively for magazine and newsletters and has been interviewed on television and radio regarding the emotional aspects of infertility. Her research on post traumatic growth in infertility has appeared in the Journal of Human Reproduction (October, 2009). She was the 2009-2010 chair of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine's MHPG education committee. Currently, she is also providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples searching for better ways to manage their anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress and relationship issues.

Professional Experience

Therapist / Clinical Director / Owner

Transformations Counseling Group LCSW PLLC

October 2013- present Co-director

  • Formed a group practice and supervise experienced therapists specializing in individual and group counseling to adolescents (including gay and lesbian youth), families, couples who want to build loving and lasting relationships, geriatric counseling for those living into their later years and those who are experiencing infertility. Transformations also offers mindfulness training, including workshops for those that are struggling with increased stress at work or in their home.
  • Group Supervision for therapists in private practice who treat individuals and couples.  Work closely with other professionals including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physicians, lawyers and other legal and mental health professionals.
Psychotherapist and Consultant

March 1988-present

  • Provide individual, couple and group psychotherapy to individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, family relations issues and infertility
  • Provide psycho/social assessments for  reproductive endocrinologists in Tri state area for patients entering into an assisted reproductive medicine treatment including third party reproduction; donor gametes, gestational carriers and surrogates.
  •  Provide home studies for potential adoptive parents
  •  Develop and conduct workshops for patients experiencing infertility
  •  Lead support groups for women and couples coping with the emotional aspects of both primary and secondary infertility
  •  Train health care professionals on the emotional aspects of infertility including SUNY Stony Brook Department of Nursing, Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, Northwell Hospital, Reproductive Specialists of New York, Long Island In Vitro Fertilization Program, Island Fertility, Reproductive Science Institutes of Philadelphia, Genesis Fertility
  • Developed  Co-Developed Wellness Center Northwell Dept of Human Reproduction 2012-current


 Experiencing Infertility (WW Norton, 2000) co author of a book for consumers and professionals on the emotional aspects of infertility  was #1 on amazon best sellers for infertilty for @ 3 years

Cuando El Hijo Deseado No Llega- Javier Vergara Editor 2001. Spanish version of Experiencing Infertility

Articles appeared in Child Magazine, Men’s Health, Parenting, Conceive, Redbook, Newsday,

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Professional Education

Master’s In social work

State University of New York at Stony Brook

Bacheloe’s In social work

State University of New York College at Brockport


AA liberal arts

Tompkins-Cortland Community College

American Society of Reproductive Medicine-Nominated

Member of Education Committee for the Mental Health Professional Group of ASRM

Chairperson Education Committee



Get the happiness you want and deserve. We’re guided by the belief that the ultimate goal of your life is to be happy. We strive to help you transform. Helping you with the issues that you are facing & helping you get unstuck.

TCG Child & Family Institute counseling therapy was started because often times, entire families need support while trying to communicate, learn, and create boundaries.

Understanding that the teenage years and adolescence can be hard. It’s difficult to deal with all the changes. Changes in your body, in self-identity, relationships, etc. The pressure to perform. Emerging feelings of sexuality.

We will help you restore the close emotional connections that you want and long for. You will learn to recognize the dance of communication that keeps you distant from your partner. You can save your relationship. More Relationships End Than Need Too.

Infertility changes you. Physically, emotionally, socially, martially and financially. The experience is filled with stress. Who & how much to tell? How to cope with the fertile world? Knowing how to communicate with loved ones & health care providers? How to juggle treatment, personal life and, above all, how to bear the interminable waiting?

Hypnotherapy (hypnosis) is the use of intense concentration & focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness. The hypnotic state allows you to explore painful thoughts, feelings, and memories that might have been otherwise hidden from your conscious mind due to the brain’s defense mechanisms.

This is a very difficult time for everyone. Especially those with preexisting anxiety or trauma. Even those without a history of anxiety, depression or trauma can start experience the effects of the current health crisis because of all the unknowns. How long will this last? When will my life get back to normal?

Assessment consists of a Clinical face-to-face, in-person interview and collateral interviews with significant others. A psychosocial history is obtained to include presenting problem, including a discussion of pertinent and detailed information describing contributing factors, incidents and issues that precipitated assessment.