Infertility Counseling

Infertility counseling. Get the support you need in this difficult time.

Infertility changes you. It leaves no stone unturned. Not just physically, but emotionally, socially, maritally and financially. Truly the experience is filled with stress. Who to tell? How much to tell? How to cope with the fertile world? How to communicate with loved ones and health care providers? How to juggle treatment and personal life and, above all, how to bear the interminable waiting?

Most time infertility will catch you off guard. Most of us usually spend much of our younger years trying not to get pregnant. When the time comes and we are finally ready to have a child we find out there are issues. It is a surprise and a shock. There is little time for preparation. You have to start the myriad of tests and doctors appointments. You have to figure out how fit all of this into your day. It is very hard to stay focused on the moment because there is no quick answer. There is fear of the unknown. What if these treatments don’t work? How can I get through this and retain hope? Will I and will we have the emotional strength to emerge from this experience unscathed?

The question you will want to ask yourself is: at what point in this process do you want to seek out a counselor to help you cope more effectively with the inevitable stresses? Knowing that infertility will change you, do you need a counselor by your side to help you find new ways to handle the present and to think about the future? Call us today to get the help you need from a caring, understanding therapist!

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