Sex, How Men Know They’re Pretty

Couples Sex is more than just a biological need for men. It goes without question that men and women are different. The topic of sex is no excep...

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Morning Round-Up: Coping with COVID-19

Transformations Counseling Group’s trauma therapist Jessica Rebelo, will be hosting a 3-day mini-series on how to cope with stress anxiety traum...

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Be Present When Things Are Chaotic

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT ❤️ my brain and heart divorced a decade ago over who was to blame about how big of a mess I h...

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Trauma Blog… I want to start off by telling you a story

I want to start off by telling you a story…. It was a cold wintery day when a woman puddled through the snow into my office. She looked tired, ...

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Is your teenager constantly tired? Irritable? Or getting low grades in school?

While many things can cause this, one huge factor affecting students is they aren’t getting enough sleep. “With most high schools in th...

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Reminder: It’s normal to feel extra tired and blue during the months of winter. In fact, around 20% of us have a mild form of SAD (Seasonal Affe...

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Transformation’s Therapist Lori Thompson-Maranda recently presented a four series workshop on the teenage brain to the staff at the Stony Brook ...

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Is The News Bringing You Down?

We all know how frustrating bad news in the media can make us feel. There seems to be an even bigger divide between Americans over the political actio...

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Guest Blog: The future donor child as an “empty chair”

I am a psychotherapist specializing in working with individuals and couples who are experiencing infertility. I have been doing this work for wel...

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Is it OK to let kids watch the news??

With all the back and forth and up and down in the news, it is difficult to know what to think anymore. As confusing as it is for adults, can you imag...

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