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Teen Article

24 Feb 2018

Transformation’s Therapist Lori Thompson-Maranda recently presented a four series workshop on the teenage brain to the staff at the Stony Brook School in Stony Brook, New York. Here is what she told the participants.

Do You Know What’s Going On In Your Teenagers Brain?

AGE 10: We develop our awareness of ourselves through the five senses. We realize we are NOT the center of the universe! (a real disappointment to most of us.)

AGE 14: We gain our skills to maintain friendships, setting goals, keeping up with home/school priorities, conflicts, etc.

AGE 16: We start to mature. “Language, memory and understanding, along with the prefrontal cortex (PFC), charged with “executive functioning”, reach the beginning of maturity.

OUR 20’s:  We are still figuring ourselves out. While we’ve gained a ton of knowledge on how to survive since age 10, life is still a learning process.

Inspiration: “Understanding the Teenage Brain” by Lori Thompson-Maranda, LCSW